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Dali's route along the Costa Brava

Discover the route of the Costa Brava Dalí

In addition to his wife, Gala, Dali had another great love, the Costa Brava. We propose a route along the artist's most emblematic sites in this corner of Cataluña.


Figueresis the birthplace of Salvador Dali, and also where he spent the last few years of his life.

The Ampurdan capital is of note for the pedestrian alleyways in its old quarter, which transport one back to the Middle Ages.  In this area, on calleMonturiol number 20, the artist was born.

In La Rambla there are some of Dali's favourites places, such as the current Museu del Joguet, toy museum in Catalan, which used to host Hotel Parisand which displays a permanent exhibition recounting the first twenty years of Dali, or Café Astoria, which although reformed preserves intact the bar where the painter always sat.

The Celler de Ca la Teta, now Can Duran, used to prepare Dali's favourites dishes, such as Ópera, a seafood casserole with lobster, or "Mar iMuntanya" which combines chicken with lobster, and which is still served now. Some of the painter's gastronomic-artistic performances took place there, like when he splattered the public with a bowl full of noodles.

In Plaça Gala-Salvador Dalí, next to the famous museum, there are various statues made by the artist, such as the one he dedicated to his friend, the Catalan philosopher Francesc Pujols. And right there, the Dali Theatre-Museum.  It used to be a municipal theatre, which Dali was very fond of for having exhibited there his first works of art. Next to it is the Gorgot medieval tower, which he rechristened with the name of Galatea, in honour of his wife, and where he slept and worked. 

Also there, is the small crypt where he is buried.  The museum hosts practically half of all of this artist's work, of note the sofa in the shape of Mae West's lips, together with works of art of friends of his or other artists he admired.


When Dali's father found out that he was with an older, separated Russian woman, he kicked him out. So the painter bought a small fisherman's shack in Portlligat where he set up home with Gala.This village, the most eastern in Spain, forms part of the municipality of Cadaqués, in Cap de Creus, and is relatively isolated by a small mountain range, which gives it a special charm, as if time had not moved on. In front of Dali's house, which he extended and reformed a number of times until it became a labyrinth, is on the island of Portlligat, one of his favourite landscapes and which he included in his paintings on many occasions. The Casa-Museo de Portlligat was his most stable spring and summer residence from 1930 to 1982, and where he was visited by celebrities such as Walt Disney or the Dukes of Windsor.


In 1969, Dalíbought Gala a castle which she accepted on condition that he could only visit her by written invitation. The artist made a great creative effort to restore the castle, which had been in a terrible state, and left his mark all over it.  One of the most renowned elements are the Dalifants, some sculptures in the shape of an elephant but from Dali's surrealist perspective.  The painter's muse is buried in this castle, and a space was even prepared next to her tomb for the artist himself, although in the end he was buried in Figueres.

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