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What to visit in Montserrat?

Some 50km to the west of Barcelona we find Montserrat, the geological monument of Cataluña. For some it is a sanctuary with an angelic choir and romantic image of the virgin, and for others it is an excellent place for practising rock climbing or hiking.  However, for everyone it is a magical mountain with peaks of extraordinary shapes.

The mountain draws attention from afar.  From a landscape perspective it is of great beauty, geologically it is unique, and it has notable wealth in terms of fauna. The mountain offers walking enthusiasts and hikers an endless number of paths. But most visitors come to visit the monastery which, without doubt, one of the most renowned, if not the most renowned. In the whole of Cataluña. In it, history, art and culture combine as they do in very few other places.

La Moreneta

The most highly anticipated moment comes with a visit to the Virgen de Montserrat, known affectionately as La Moreneta. Legend tells that some shepherds found her in a cave.  Wanting to remove her from that place, the virgin became increasingly heavy.  They interpreted this phenomenon as the desire of the virgin to remain there and a church was ordered to be built.

The Monastery

The current community is made up of some eighty monks. As in all Benedictine monasteries, the Montserrat monks dedicate their lives to prayer, shelter and work, following the motto of Saint Benedict.

La Escolanía

La Escolanía de Montserrat is one of the most ancient children's choirs in Europe.  It currently participates in liturgical celebrations and community prayers that take place in the basilica. All of the choirboys receive top level musical training, together with human and intellectual education.  Their prestige is renowned internationally and they currently perform concert tours around the world.




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