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Tapas in Cambrils

12+1 bars and restaurants where you can share tapas and plates

Even though Cambrils is most famous for sit-down meals, there are also legendary tapas bars that are well worth a visit.

That’s saying a lot for a village that traditionally has more of a taste for long meals with dessert rather than bar talk.

And what could you like better?

Well, here are our recommendations for sharing good tapas and plates:

Cambrils: Where Gastronomy Meets Hospitality

Tapas in Cambrils is much more than just food and drinks. It's an experience that embodies the warm hospitality of the locals. Immerse yourself in lively conversations, enjoy the Mediterranean breeze and savour its authenticity....

Here's to an extraordinary adventure through the bars of Cambrils! And as we say here... ¡Salut i força al canut!


1. Les Barques

Traditional and seafood cuisine with excellent local products. We recommend trying their portions of various types of fish, seafood, mixed fried dishes... Their rice dishes are also very good.

2. Restaurante Botella

A pleasant terrace facing the promenade. Considered one of the best family tradition restaurants in Cambrils, it participated in a famous local TV program, “ Joc de Cartes” (Along with Restaurante Macarrilla and Restaurante Denver)

3. La Tresca

We include it in the recommended list for eating and dining with tapas, but the truth is, it's also a good option for vermouth, especially if you like homemade vermouth. They also have various aperitif liqueurs, and the portions are generous and delicious. Friendly service and reasonably priced.

4. La Tasketa de Antonio

Close and familiar service, good food, and good prices. Cheese and cold cut platters, portions, tapas, and skewers, dishes of broken eggs, mushrooms... The truth is that the menu is extensive, with hamburgers, salads, pizzas... but we have only gone there for tapas. If you dare to try other things, let us know.

5. Bar La Muralla

In the old town. Typical homemade tapas and portions. Friendly service and good prices.

6. Café L'Espai

Very good and affordable hamburgers, tapas, and sandwiches.

7. Bar Las Cadenas

Good atmosphere, attentive and friendly service, good food, generous portions, and very reasonably priced.

8. Bar La Ermita

As its name suggests, it's located next to the Ermita de la Verge del Camí, so it's a good option for the day if you visit the old town of Cambrils. It's a family bar with good portions, set menus, sandwiches, and mixed dishes.

9. Bar Pica Tapas

Perfect for breakfast and tapas. Homemade and plentiful food. We advise you to order half portions to try more things; they are quite large. It tends to be crowded. It's located in the town area.

10. Can Alberto

Also located in the town area, near the Museum of History and the Ermita. Homemade and plentiful food at affordable prices. It's not very large and fills up quickly.

11. Barabar

Located near the harbor, behind Parc del Pescador. It has a terrace, and it's better to make a reservation in advance. Unbeatable quality-price ratio. Good products and great service. Portions to share and a very good daily menu for around €12. We really enjoy their spicy garlic prawns and homemade cheese flan.

12. Lekeitio

You know it never fails. Plenty of pintxos.

13. Bambú

A small family bar-restaurant. Small. Reservations should be made in advance. Facing the Cavet beach, very close to the sand. The menu isn't extensive, but the food is good. They offer some tapas, llescas (a type of bread-based dish), and portions.