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Where to Eat in Cambrils with the 5 Senses

If you want to treat yourself and enjoy a first-rate gastronomic experience during your vacation in Cambrils, you should visit one of these restaurants without hesitation

Dining in Cambrils is dining with all 5 senses. It's not just about taste and smell, but a complete experience.

The talented chefs that are part of the Cambrils gastronomic scene have embraced the concept of the new Catalan cuisine, which aims to provide a complete and satisfying gastronomic experience.

How is this achieved?

Through exceptional products, carefully crafted and taken to the extreme to surprise with optical illusions, new flavors and textures, and presentations that are true works of art.

Of course, without forgetting its roots, its fishing origin: the fishermen's ranxo.

Cambrils cuisine stands out for its simplicity and respect for the ingredients. And that perfect fusion between innovation, traditional culinary techniques, and a love for authentic flavor has turned Cambrils into a top gastronomic destination.

5 Restaurants in Cambrils that you must visit

Great chefs. Places where you can feel at home. Know-how. Passion.

Tasting menus, pairings... you know the drill. The usual, like never before. We have a special weakness for Denver and Casa Macarrilla. But we recommend any of them with our eyes closed.

1. Can Bosch

Chef Arnau Bosch. Michelin star since 1984 and 2 Repsol Suns, among many other awards.

2. Rincón de Diego

Creations by Chefs Diego and Rubén Campos. Michelin star since 2005.

3. L'Original

Author's cuisine by Chef Juan Llaveria, who perfectly blends different cultures and flavors based on what we have at home.

4. Denver

Exquisite and simple dishes with products from traditional seafaring cuisine. Whatever you choose, you won't be disappointed. It's one of those restaurants you'll want to visit several times to experience different ways of dining. (Rice dishes, fish and seafood, and the fantastic Denver Experience menu)

5. Casa Macarrilla

Xavi and Eduard Marti, the third generation leading Restaurante Casa Macarrilla (since 1966) and Street Food La Selva. Everything with them is truly surprising.