Children 2-16 years

TOP 5 family-friendly restaurants in La Pineda 

Whether you like to cook or not while you are on holiday, a kitchen is a must during your stay. You can go to local markets, in Tarragona you can visit the Mercat Central on the Plaza Corsini, where you can buy delicious fresh food, fish and vegetables. The locals are very hospitable; you can ask the merchants a typical Catalan recipe to experiment in your holiday kitchen. 

For a small place, La Pineda has lots of restaurants, so here are a few of the best to help you decide where to eat. 

Sit back and enjoy your meal!

La Pineda for Foodies - Insider Tips for a gastronomic Experience.

1. Mix - Restaurant & Lounge La Pineda

Mix La Pineda combines local ingredients with a welcoming avant-garde style feel. Sip your expertly made cocktail on the lovely terrace while looking out over the Mediterranean. Broad menu to suit all tastes. You'll find anything from hamburgers to sushi. Book your table with a sea view in advance!

2. Restaurant Dorado ArroZeria

In this restaurant you will find all the familiar Spanish classics and well executed! Large menu with mainly local fresh seafood dishes. Good food!

3. Restaurant Blau La Pineda - Mediterranean food

Get a taste of Mediterranean cuisine made with fresh products of the highest quality. On the menu you will find some excellent tapas, fresh seafood and rice dishes. They also serve specialties from other countries like Borx soup from Russia or fish and chips, in case your kids miss home. Relax on the terrace with a glass of wine or a well prepared cocktail. Everything is prepared with care and passion. 

4. Oh La La - Spare ribs 

Dutch owned restaurant offering a variety of hearty dishes, mainly meat and fresh fish. However, they are most famous for their spare ribs. Special offer "All you can eat" on Mondays. Highly recommended if you don't mind getting sticky hands. Welcoming staff and excellent service. 

5. Gelatia - Ice cream time!

La Pineda does well when it comes to ice-cream. Heladeria Gelatia is a real quality ice cream parlour, where you can find every flavour under the sun – including Kit Kat and Ferrero Rocher. Get a refreshing break on your Costa Dorada adventure! There's always time to step out for ice cream.

6. La Tagliatella - Italian Restaurant

Feel the sea breeze and unwind at this kids friendly restaurant. Pizzas, pastas, meats, salads... and much more! Big portions of traditional Italian food. The menu is translated, so this is a great option for a stress-free grub. Try the Tiramisu... you will love it!