Children 2-16 years

Parc Sama - A Paradise on Earth 

Looking for fun things to do on your next holiday to Cambrils? Do you need a change from the usual beach and touristy stuff? 

Discover the wildlife and nature of the Parc Samà in just a couple of hours. A fun family trip near Cambrils that your kids will love!  


A park in which to walk, play, eat, run and learn, but also rest. A labyrinth of animals, trees, water, treasures, bridges and towers.

Colonial legacy

Parc Samà is a living history in the midst of an idyllic setting in the Baix Camp region. The creator and founder of this Summer residence was Salvador Samà i Martí, Marquis of Marianao, Senator in Havana, Cuba. As a successor to a Spanish family established in Cuba, he wanted to reflect on these lands the exotic and characteristic atmosphere of colonial Cuba, after Spain lost the colony of the island. Quite a show that allows us to travel the world while enjoying tranquility, sculptures and animal life. It is full of symbolism and a true reflection of its owner’s spirit, nature and art.  

It was created in 1881 by Josep Fontserré i Mestres (the same author of the Parc de la Ciutadella of Barcelona) in collaboration with the world famous Modernist architect Antoni Gaudí. He certainly knew how to transform the Marquis of Marianao's wishes into shapes and colours that could be found in nature itself. 

Passion for Nature

If there is something that stands out in the Parc Samà, it is its exuberant vegetation. And precisely, among it, the lake, the canal and the waterfall stand out, where plants of all kinds abound and are surrounded by palm trees, plane trees, mandarins, oak, chestnut and almond trees. Cross the bridge between the lakes and you will feel like in a true adventure movie in the middle of the jungle. The nature of Parc Samà is also present beyond the lakes, in its gardens, viewpoints and, of course, in its famous Vegetable Labyrinth where the kids will learn while having fun. 

Within the Parc Samà the main inhabitants are the animals. You can find different species of birds (ducks, parrots, peacocks,...), mammals (deer) and reptiles (turtles), as well as their conservation plans. The park seeks not only to show them, but make you aware of the need to conserve flora and fauna, to educate and conserve our environment with all its inhabitants. Don't disturb the animals!  

Modernist Architecture 

In addition to the well-manicured gardens, nature is constantly accompanied by the architectural elements like magic fountains, viewpoints, caves, canals, waterfalls, bridges,.... You can't miss the Residence of the Marquis, Samà’s 1100 square-metre palace with eclectic ornamental details in Baroque and Rococo styles. Check out the sculptures of Heracles and Demeter and take a picture in front of the main stairs!  

➡️ UHC Tips and tricks to make the best of your visit

  • Tickets: Buy them at the ticket booth at the entrance. No need to buy them in advance, it's never crowded. Free under 7.
  • Have a Picnic! There is a picnic area with picnic tables along the path. Bring your own or order one online before your visit. 
  • Stay hydrated! You can bring your own water bottle or buy soft drinks at the small cafe. The water in the park is non-potable.
  • Ask for the treasure map at the entrance! Fun for all ages guaranteed!
  • Buy some dried corn at the small shop at the entrance and feed (some of) the animals. Follow instructions of the staff.
  • Plan your family visit and reach early Operating hours may vary. To make the most of your day, check the timetable in advance! 
  • Pets are welcome but must be on a leash at all times. 
  • Food and drinks: There is a small cafe on site with basic food, soft drinks and ice cream. No special meals or gluten free food available.
  • Pack the essentials: Although it's a park with lots of trees and shade, we recommend sunscreen and a hat. 
  • Free parking (not surveyed)
  • Please use the bins: help to maintain the park clean. 

➡️ How to get there?

There are 3 ways to get to this paradise on Earth: by car, bus or foot.

1) By car: It takes 15 minutes to get here from Cambrils. (7km)

2) By bus: the Reus-Cambrils Plana bus line gets you here. Check time tables. 

3) By foot: Take the Riera de l’Alforja path (4km) from Cambrils. It is not signposted. Access about 250 m from the entry of the park on the road to Vinyols. 


It's the perfect activity to do with kids on the Costa Dorada. Suffice to say that if you like a relaxing family holiday, you couldn’t pick a better place for a holiday rental than Cambrils. Book now and travel with total peace of mind, free cancellation policy and total flexibility. 

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Parc Samà Tickets

From 11€ per person and without queues at the entrance!