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The best water and Beach activities of the Nautic Parc Costa Daurada

Dive into a sea of possibilities for your family water adventure! 

When picking a Summer holiday destination on the Costa Dorada, one thing that comes to mind is to have a beach holiday, where water activities are widely available. With its striking coastline, fantastic climate and rich biodiversity, the Costa Dorada is a playground for all those wishing to enjoy a wide range of water sports and family fun activities. Adventurous spirits of all ages can choose from a large selection of aquatic activities to satisfy their interests.

The numerous resorts like SalouCambrilsMiami Playa,... situated along the Costa Dorada cater to a large selection of water activities. Most of these activities are great options for families, individuals or groups alike.

Boating, stand-up paddle surfing, snorkelling, windsurfing, kayaking, kite-surfing, parasailing, diving and water skiing are only some of the many water activities not to be missed while on holiday on the Costa Dorada.

When planning your adventure, keep in mind the weather conditions, time of year, the size of your group, level of ability, and your holiday location are all factors that will influence your experience. Given the diverse range of water activities available on the Costa Dorada, it is best to check various resources when planning your family adventure. 

Make a splash during your holiday with a fun family day in the Mediterranean Sea! 


Fun must-do water activities during your holiday on the Costa Dorada

1. Jet Ski along the coastline of Cambrils

Cruise along the beaches of Cambrils on a jet ski with this guided tour. Feel the adrenaline as you speed across the waves and enjoy an unforgettable experience on the water.

Book your tour from a number of options to suit your schedule. 

Meet your guide at the port in Cambrils to start your tour. After a safety briefing and instructions on how to operate the jet skis, head out onto the open water. Follow your instructor as you cruise down the coastline, and feel the thrill of this activity.


2. Delta del Ebro: Boat trip to the Fangar Bay - Mussels and Oyster Farm

Take panoramic pictures of the Ebro Delta and the l'Ampolla coastline from a motorboat while you glide to visit one of the most important mussels and oyster farms in the area. The Delta del Ebro is ideal for the cultivation of mussels and oysters.

Enjoy the peace of the location and visit the museum and learn interesting facts. Taste delicious fresh mussels and oysters (right from the farm) accompanied by wine or cava (available for purchase on-site). Duration: 1:30 hours.


3. Parasailing round the coast of Salou

Parasailing is one of the most adrenaline-pumping activities you can do while on holiday in Salou, Costa Dorada. You will be securely attached to a parachute, safely harnessed to the rear of the speedboat. As the specialized parasailing power boat speeds up it pulls the parachute, forcing it higher and higher into the air, this allows you to take advantage of the air currents meanwhile you will enjoy this amazing activity and the incredible views of the coastline of Salou and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle on the beaches of Salou and get ready to reach a top height of 80 meters in the air. 

The parachutes used for parasailing are designed for 3 people so you can fly with your friends or family in a safe and comfortable way. Enjoy every moment of your holiday going parasailing, you won’t regret it.  


4. Explore the coast with a SUP surf board

An excursion with the stand up paddle is an excellent opportunity to discover the coastal line from the seaside in an active way. The broad SUP boards can be used either standing upright or sitting or kneeling on it, and by paddling alternately left and right, you gently move forward. You can either rent a paddle surf board and paddle at your own pace, or in case you've never done it before, you can take a 1 hour class with an experienced teacher. Generally speaking, stand up paddling really isn't difficult and can be learnt in quite a short time: The most important thing is a good body tension to keep the balance and the right paddling technique, which the SUP rental gladly will show you.

If you decide to rent a SUP on the Costa Dorada, you can paddle along the coast together with your friends or family or even relaxedly alone. Look forward to the silent gliding over the water and the amazing sunshine. Due to the upright pose, you have great views of the crystal-clear water below you - and at the same time breathtaking views of the coastline. 

5. Kite Surf in Miami Playa and Hospitalet de L'Infant

If there’s one thing everyone loves about Miami Playa, it has to be the beaches. However, many of these beaches aren’t just good for sunbathing; some offer genuinely decent launches for kite surfing. Frustratingly though, many of Miami Playa’s beaches have strict limitations on kite surfing, though there’s still a few places where you can relax and get some solid quality time with the water. Miami has an alright mix of easy and somewhat technical launches, with most being easily accessible. So, don't miss the top spots for kitesurfing around the beaches of Miami Playa or the beaches of Hospitalet de L'Infant while on holiday on the Costa Dorada.




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