Children 2-12 years

Tuna Tour Experience - A unique experience on the Costa Dorada

An unforgettable adventure suitable for young and old. 

Live an authentic adventure swimming among hundreds of wild bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean Sea.

A unique activity in a world in which you will enjoy a full sensory experience.

This is an excursion on a modern catamaran to the pools of Balfegó Group, located 2.5 miles from the Ametlla de Mar coastline. During the journey you will discover everything related to bluefin tuna (history, biology, food, fishing...) When you arrive, the specialised staff will prepare you to swim among more than 400 specimens of wild bluefin tuna with an average length of 2.5 m and 250 kg weight. Impressive, right?

Back in port and with emotions on edge, get ready to taste the sashimi, one of the most valuated gastronomic pleasure in the world.

TunaTour Experience

Dive with the biggest tuna in the world and enjoy an exciting time from 49€