COVID-19 information

Universal Holiday Centre is very much aware that events related to the COVID-19 coronavirus and the intense amount of information it is generating, requires us to make an extra effort regarding transparency, openness and proximity with respect to everyone who has placed their trust in our company.

Given the extraordinary situation created by Covid-19, UHC has devised an operational transformation strategy based on the following premises:

  • Safety for employees, customers and providers.
  • Reduced contact in interactions between customers and employees.
  • Optimisation of operational processes, simplifying and digitalising our services.
  • Adaptation of our services to new paradigms and customer needs.

Based on these 4 principles, we have been working together with technicians and health professionals, on new protocols and specific measures, in order to offer you and your family a safe holiday. Check out below the new protocols and measures that we have implemented to ensure your stay with total security and the safety of always.



Prevention Plan

  • Hydroalcoholic solution dispensers for hand cleaning will be placed in our reception. A free prevention kit (masks, gloves and gel) will be available in all our accommodations upon arrival.
  • Our Clients Bathroom and Luggage room will be temporarily out of use.
  • Visitor capacity in our reception / office is limited to 1 client per 1 receptionist.
  • Our entire team is trained on updated and new protocols and implemented measures.

Extra Cleaning and Hygiene measures

  • We have reinforced our cleaning team with specialized companies in sanitary and industrial cleaning that guarantee compliance with the regulations and measures recommended by the Spanish Ministry of Health.
  • Sheets and towels: You will be provided with a plastic bag to deposit all the sheets and towels so that they are not handled until they are subsequently treated in the laundry.
  • As always, all the textiles in our accommodation (sheets, towels, pillows, bedspreads, curtains, etc ...) are sanitized and treated in industrial laundry with virucidal disinfectants.
  • Each accommodation will be treated with stricter individual cleanings after each reservation. Incorporating new sanitation models and new products such as the hospital disinfectant.
  • After cleaning the accommodation, frequently used items will be sealed in disposable plastic bags (remote controls).
  • All keys will be delivered previously disinfected.

New Personal Space: Social Distancing

  • Check in will be exclusively ONLINE to minimize human contact.
  • Once the online check-in has been completed, you will receive our Free Costa Dorada Guestbook. With lots of recommendations and fun activities.
  • To answer any questions that may arise during your stay, without having to go to our offices, we provide you with 24-hour attention by Telephone, E-Mail and WhatsApp.
  • All actions by our maintenance and / or cleaning team will be carried out when you are outside the accommodation. Our staff uses approved face masks and disposable gloves for each accommodation.



Right now, all the rates that we currently have on sale can be cancelled at no cost. Cancellations can be made 7, 15 and 30 days before the scheduled arrival date. Some exclusions may apply. May exclude periods with special event restrictions or peak demand weeks. Please check the accommodation details for applicable terms or exceptions, if any, when booking or changing reservations.

Guests who book through online travel agents or other third-party travel professionals are advised to contact their booking provider for information on the policies they are applying.



From UHC we want to remind you that we are still by your side and, that is why, we want to minimize the impact of this situation by extending the benefits and advantages of our UHC Club, for another year. We have decided to extend the GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND status members to all those customers with an expiration date during 2020. Therefore, if your status expires during the 2020 season, we extend its validity until the 2021 season.


UHC reserves the right to modify the above conditions according to the evolution of the pandemic by adopting the guidelines of the government and health authorities.

Updated: January 11, 2021