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More information about your stay and accommodation



UHC has started taking intensive security measures on the reception, including check-in online. #BecauseWeCare

You must do the CHECK-IN ONLINE maximum 5 days prior to your arrival. You need to bay the balance, the security deposit, the Tourism Tax and provide all the details of the persons in your party. Upon arrival, show your ID and booking number at our reception to collection of the keys.

The keys are collected in our UNIVERSAL HOLIDAY CENTRE office, situated in Salou, Avenida Pere Molas 3.

All keys will be delivered previously disinfected.#BecauseWeCare

Time table for key collection: from 16:00 till 19:30. 

If you cannot arrive before 19:30 you must inform us asap. The collection of the keys will be prepared in a special key box right outside our office doors. This service requires a mandatory fee of 35€. Please note that this fee covers the extra procedures to manage your reservation and delivery of the keys and the fact that one member of the staff remains "on watch" to be able to assist you if any problem arises upon arrival.

In the event of failure to notify your late arrival and/or to complete the Check-in Online, UHC cannot guarantee the keys collection. 

During your Stay

To answer any questions that may arise during your stay without having to go to our offices, we provide 24-hour service using the following tools: Telephone, E-Mail and WhatsApp.

All actions by our maintenance and/or cleaning team will be carried out when the occupants are out of the accommodation.  

Our staff use approved masks and disposable gloves for each accommodation. #BecauseWeCare

The booking holder will be responsible for the correct conduct of all occupants. Our accommodations are located in residential buildings and areas, and therefore apart from the general rules, tenants are also required to, at all times, respect the rules established by each private community. Failure to follow these rules may lead to a partial or total retention of the deposit. According to Art 39 bis of Law 13/2002, of 21st June, on Tourism, the agency may expel the customers of the accommodation if they do not comply with the regulations of use or internal regime, and with the general rules of coexistence and hygiene.

  • Respect hours of rest and the hours for pool use as established in each complex. Within these hours any type of noise or music is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of water, electric and air conditioning must be measured and rational. Help us to look after the environment!
  • When the air-conditioning is working, all doors and windows must remain closed.
  • It is prohibited to hang/drape towels or any other objects on terrace railings.
  • If your accommodation includes parking, you must park only in the place indicated by Universal Holiday Centre.
  • The use of barbecues is forbidden except in the accommodations that have them and their use has been authorized.
  • In both community pools and villas with private pools, it is mandatory to shower prior to using the pool. Shampoos, soaps and other products are not allowed in the pool/shower.
  • Any type of violent game (balls, rackets, frisbees…) is prohibited. Neither can lilo’s or floaters be used in the pools.
  • Objects such as parasols, awnings or tarpaulins, etc must not be stuck in the grass.
  • Children must always be accompanied by adults and always under their responsibility. In the event of accidents, Universal Holiday Centre will never be responsible.
  • Tenants may not store their belongings (such as prams or bikes) in common areas.

Awning policy: Years of experience renting accommodations to visitors in Spain, has shown that awnings are a frequently damaged item, resulting in expensive repair bills for Guests and unnecessary disruption to their vacations. For this reason, we have made the reluctant decision to disable these for Guest use and wish to apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by our decision.

Pet Policy: If you travel with your pet, please contact us before making your reservation, just to confirm the pet policy of your accommodation and our specific pet conditions.

Occupancy Policy: The maximum occupancy for each property (including kids) may never exceed the number expressly authorised by UHC. Should this happen, the tenants will be expelled from the property without the right to any compensation or any refund whatsoever. Each accommodation is prepared for the number of persons you provided upon booking.


The accommodation must be vacated at the latest at 09:30AM.


Leave all the keys (and the remote control in case you have one) on the living room table and shut the door.

You must clean the property, leaving it in the same conditions as when you arrived. This includes kitchenware, crockery, and cutlery.

Sheets and towels: You will be provided with a plastic bag to deposit all sheets and towels so that not be handled until their subsequent treatment in the laundry. #BecauseWeCare

Throw your rubbish away in the designated street containers.

If you wish to hire a cleaning service for the end or during your stay, please consult prices and availability on our website or upon your arrival at our office.

Non-compliance with any of these rules will lead to the total or partial loss of the deposit. Additional charge for delay in departure: 50€. 


Cancellation free of charge up to 7 days before the date of arrival.

In the event of cancellation less than 7 days before the arrival date, UHC will retain the total amount received as a reservation guarantee.  

It does not apply to Luxury Villas that have special conditions indicated below.


Free Cancellation up to 30 days before the arrival.

In the event of cancellation less than 30 days before the arrival date, UHC will retain the total amount received as a reservation guarantee.  

Luxury Villas

Cancellation up to 30 days before the arrival date UHC will retain 50% of the amount received as booking's guarantee.
In the vent of cancellation less than 30 days before arrival, UHC will retain the total amount received as booking's guarantee.

Cancellation up to 15 days before the date of arrival: No amount will be retained and the amount received as a holding deposit for the reservation will be refunded. 
In the event of cancellation less than 15 days before the arrival date, UHC will retain the total amount received as a reservation guarantee.

It does not apply to Luxury Villas that have special conditions indicated below.

Luxury Villas:

Cancellation up to 30 days before the arrival date UHC will retain 50% of the amount received as booking's guarantee.
In the vent of cancellation less than 30 days before arrival, UHC will retain the total amount received as booking's guarantee.

Cancellation up to 30 days prior to arrival date, UHC will retain 50 % of the amount received by way of holding deposit.

In the event of canceling less than 30 days prior to arrival, UHC will retain the entire amount received as holding deposit.

Under no circumstances will the amount paid for administration costs be refunded.

You will receive by email, a CORONA-VOUCHER* as compensation for this cancellation corresponding to the amount that you have already paid for your stay.

The CORONA-VOUCHER is valid for 18 months from its date of issue, for stay in any of our accommodation, within the following seasons 2020 and 2021.

The new reservation will be subject to availability.

If at the time of booking you spend more than the value stated on the Corona Voucher, you will be required to pay the difference.  

If, at the time of booking, you spend less than the value stated on the voucher, you will receive a balance voucher, on which the then remaining amount will be stated. The date of issue and validity of the initially issued Corona Voucher will continue to apply to this balance voucher.  

The Corona-voucher can only be transferred to another holder upon request and prior authorisation by UHC.  

All the conditions described above only apply to reservations and/or direct UHC customers.  

To manage your reservation and request your voucher, please send us an email to [email protected] We promise to reply as soon as possible and thank you in advance for your patience.  

You can cancel your booking by emailing to [email protected] If you need to leave before your stay is finished, under no circumstances, any refund whatsoever will be made.

UHC assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any possible loss due to lack of passports, visas and the documentation required for your journey (including travel tickets). It is advised to consult with the corresponding embassies, consulates and/or visa departments of the countries you wish to visit. It is your responsibility to obtain the documents required for your journey.

How to calculate the maximum date of the request for cancellation: Day of arrival - 7, 15 or 30 ( depending on the booking's date) and until 23:59.


After having received confirmation of your booking, you can make changes to it, up to 15 days before the arrival and always providing they are possible and/or authorized by UHC. Changes in bookings are not permitted for accommodations with special discount rates or subject to special offers. Only the person responsible for the booking can make changes and always in writing to [email protected] Each booking modification involves the difference in price, should there be one. The changes will only be valid for the same year.





  • Our whole team has received specific training about safety and cleaning measures. 
  • We reinforced our cleaning team with specialised cleaning companies, always being up to the Sanitary laws. 
  • As always, all textiles in our accommodations (sheets, towels, pillows, bed covers, curtains,...) are treated by a professional cleaning company.
  • Each and all of our accommodations are cleaned keeping up to the highest hygiene standards after each occupation. We use ecologic disinfectants and follow strict orders of the Spanish Government. 

We understand the hesitation to your vacation, and we want to help you.

On all new bookings, we offer you 10% of discount + FREE cancellation up to 7 days before arrival.

Book now your summer holidays with total flexibilty and complete peace of mind.

From UHC we want to remind you that we are still by your side and,  that is why, we want to minimize the impact of this situation by extending the benefits and advantages of our UHC Club, for another year. We have decided to extend the GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND status members to all those customers with an expiration date during 2020. Therefore, if your status expires during the 2020 season, we extend its validity until the 2021 season.


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