Children 2-16 years


The roman festival in Tarragona

Tarragona is the perfect city for a cultural getaway. A real Imperial city with much to offer to visitor. Allways is a good time to visit Tarragona, but in May is the better date. The whole city is transported to the splendour of Roman times with the celebration of the Tarraco Viva festival.

These international symposiums were born in 1999 to support the candidature of Tarragona World Heritage Site by UNESCO. And thanks to the great success it was decided to programme them annually, and today, is one of the most important festivals to raise awareness of Roman history.

The Tarraco Viva festival is a unique opportunity to experience the Roman Tarraco era, through excellent historical recreations such as the gladiator's wrestling, Roman theatre, music and dance, various re-enactments of daily life in Roman times…. And all within the incomparable monuments of the Roman Tarraco, like the circus or the amphitheatre.

The gastronomic exhibition Tarraco a Taula

To complement the experience, the gastronomic exhibition Tarraco a Taula. It allows you to taste the authentic recipes of the Roman period in the different restaurants of Tarragona.

Cheer up and travel back in time! Get to know all the secrets of one of the most fascinating periods of our history!