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Explore Miami Playa - A big small mediterranean world

Explore this small Mediterranean paradise with countless beaches and coves of fine golden sand, with hermitages that defy gravity, with a green landscape perfect for golf and nature lovers and a gastronomy with an infinite number of flavours from the sea and the land. Enjoy and explore this great little Mediterranean world, the place where Joan Miró spent his summers and was inspired by it.

Your kids will never be bored during your holiday with UHC... Search for pirates and hidden treasures while walking through the Miami Playa coves, go through fairytale paths where the rocks take peculiar shapes and hide treasures or participate in the children’s activities that are programmed every summer.

10 Must-do activities in Miami Platja

1. Cool off in the sea

The intense coastal life of Miami Playa in the past, when pirates and corsairs ravaged the coast and hid their treasures, has nothing to do with the peace and quiet that is breathed today… Miami Playa has 12 km of the most unique beaches and coves of the Costa Dorada, standing out for their quiet and natural surroundings. Its transparent, crystal clear waters, beautiful landscapes and semi-pristine unspoiled beaches are always inviting for a swim or a relaxing day at the beach. Connect with nature and check our UHC Guide of the Best beaches and coves of Miami Playa. Explore the beaches and coves that suit you best. There are beaches for everyone, even some of them where you can take your dog for a swim.

Miami Playa’s most well-known beach Playa Cristal stands out for its immensity, making it perfect for the whole family. With its fine golden sand, it is one of the best beaches of the Costa Dorada. It's Nautic Parc - a water sports centre, offers you plenty of possibilities to have fun with the whole family practicing all kinds of water activities. You can get a go at paddle surfing or windsurfing, kayaking, catamaran rides or water skiing.

2. Discover Miami Playa on two wheels

Discover the most intimate essence of our Mediterranean landscapes surrounded by nature and fields on a bicycle. Between the sea and the mountains, there is a large network of roads that are signposted. In total, there are 10 routes that include 140 km at several levels of difficulty. Rent a bicycle and climb first-rate mountain passes in the south of the Costa Daurada, go through calm and safe roads, surrounded by fantastic landscapes and excellent panoramic views of Miami Playa. In case you want more information on cycling itineraries, please feel free to contact us.

Easy Bike routes for kids

Let's play! Take your bicycle and binoculars, and go out to explore our coast in search of pirates and corsairs. You can see them coming to the coast from the sea with their huge boats or hiding their treasures in one of the Miami Playa's coves. You can ride your bike on the specially designed bike lane that connects the seaside promenade with all the coves of Miami Playa. Check out several interesting viewpoints that will help you identify potential pirates. There are two points along the route of photographic interest, The Cala dels Penyals and the Cala Pescador, that offer you beautiful panoramic views of the coastline and great photo opportunities.

3. Watch the sunset at the Hermitage of La Roca and La Pixerota Beach

Let's talk about the secret places where you can enjoy the best sunsets in Miami Playa.

La Pixerota beach, in the Mont-roig Badia neighbourhood: there are two bunkers of the Spanish Civil War and when the sun sets, absolutely everything looks golden.

The Areny mountain which rises just behind the Hermitage of La Roca and allows you to enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of the Baix Camp, with the silhouette of the Hermitage of Sant Ramon de Penyafort in the foreground. Like La Roca, the Areny Mountain is a very beautiful place. Check out the red rocks, they are nearly 250 million years old.

4. Practice your swing at the Bonmont Golf Course

In Miami Playa, you can play golf at one of the best golf courses in all of Spain, the Bonmont Golf Course with 18 holes, par 72, and a truly welcoming environment. Using the natural environment full of cliffs, six lakes excavated into the rocks, groves of trees, bridges as well as natural and artificial obstacles. It also has a natural grass practice course.

Discover this amazing Golf Course, an excellent option also for experienced players and beginners that have started recently in this exciting sport. Expert golfers from all over the world come here.
If you like playing golf, please feel free to check our UHC Guide for the Best Golf Courses on the Costa Dorada.

5. Go Hiking and discover Miami Playa / Mont-Roig

Easy - Miami Playa with your family - 5 km - 1:30 h.

We suggest two small, 6 and 5 km long, itineraries with very low difficulty, to get to know the heart of Miami Playa and its coast, made up mainly of holiday rental accommodations in Miami Playa, which enjoy proximity to the sea and a long coastline with great diversity of coves. Stroll the promenade of the Playa Cristal Beach and discover the many coves with crystal clear waters and fine golden sand.

Spend some time at the Estany Gelat, a small wetland area of great ecological interest. We would like to highlight the presence of the Iberian killifish, a freshwater fish in danger of extinction that tolerates a wide range of salinity and temperature. 

Medium - Circular route to l'Areny - 1,7 km - 30 min

This circular itinerary begins in the Hermitage car park and is indicated by yellow trail markings on the rocks or trees. At the first fork you have to choose whether to go right (straight on) or left. The most commonly taken route is to the right, towards the Cova Foradada (Holed Cave) and then down the Escales del Diable (Devil’s Stairs), following the cliff towards L’Areny. You arrive at the arena-shaped "Clot or Pla de l'Areny" from where the route continues south until you come to a path that leads to another fork where you continue to the left, towards the Hermitage. The views from the highest point are magnificent with the Chapel, Mont-roig town and the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

UHC Tip: This route is not suitable for people with fear of heights, nor for families with young children, due to the slopes along the cliffs leading to L’Areny. However, there are other trails that take you to L’Areny without any difficulty. Your safety is our concern but always your responsibility. Hiking requires a minimum of preparation and wearing proper clothing. Make sure you drink plenty of water and put on some sunscreen. It can get really hot in summer.

6. Joan Miró - inspired by Mont-Roig

Discover Mas Miró, the summer house where Joan Miró and his family spend their holidays. You can visit the different places of the farmhouse, the village and it's surroundings that inspired Joan Miró for much of his artwork, especially during his first creative stage. Mas Miró is the place where he painted many works that would put him in the international spotlight as a universal artist. Where did he sleep? Where did he work? How was he inspired? You will find all the answers in Mas Miró! Take a hike along “Miró’s Emotional Landscapes” itinerary, the landscapes that inspired Miró for his most renowned works: “La Masia” (The Farm), “La Platja" (The beach), "Poble i església de Mont-roig" (Village and church of Mont-roig).

The Costa Dorada is known as ‘the landscape of geniuses’, a route designed to discover the landscapes that inspired the work and personality of the four ‘geniuses’ – the musician Pau Casals, the architect Antoni Gaudí, the painter Joan Miró and the artist Pablo Picasso. Visiting these landscapes and museums will give you new keys to interpreting their work. 

Escape Room “Operation Mont-roig” offered by BROGIT: Solve the enigmas while hiking in the middle of nature, concerning the connection and work of Joan Miró.

Mission: While traveling through time, one of the members of the criminal group Omega has stolen the painting of La Masia, as well as his painting tools. This robbery can endanger the development and artistic work of one of the most important artists in our history, Joan Miró. We know that their temporal transport has failed and they have lost the stolen material in our temporal era. You will have to follow their track.

Will you be able to save our artist Joan Miró? 

UHC Tip: Wear comfortable shoes and drink lot's of water. It takes 2 to 3 hours to complete the mission.

7. Gastronomic Experience - The Tapa Route

Enjoy the culinary route known as Miami Playa Tapas Route. Several restaurants offer and serve their most original and tasty tapas.

This gastronomic initiative complements and boosts the gastronomic value of the town, which also has other well-established Gastronomic Days throughout the year, such as the Calçot Gastronomic Days in February and March, the Octopus Gastronomic Days in June and the Autumn Rice Days in October. There are loads of excellent places to eat in Miami Playa and not all of them serve rice and fish. You can find an incredibly varied range of restaurants offering original tapas accompanied by a glass of wine, going from affordable casual to gourmet cuisine.

Be sure to check our UHC Miami Playa Restaurant Guide to discover new places and creative tapas during your summer holiday.

8. Spend a day at the neighbouring town - Hospitalet de L'Infant

Combining blue flagged beaches and beautiful mountains, Hospitalet de L'Infant, a small coastal town right next to Miami Playa is just perfect for a fun day trip. Check our UHC travel guide to Hospitalet de L'Infant. Stretch your legs by the sea following the Camí de Ronda or Coastal path, practice plenty of water activities at the beach, discover the modern hermitage of San Roc with spectacular views. We highly recommend a visit to the mysterious Cova del Llop. A cave where pirates used to hide their treasures! It can only be reached by sea. If you are fond of lazy days sunbathing on golden sands, make sure to check out our UHC ultime beach guide of Hospitalet de L'Infant.

9. Discover the best of the Ebro Delta - a true paradise for nature lovers

The Ebro Delta is the second largest wetland area in the western Mediterranean and covers 320 square kilometres and is the second largest wetland area in the western Mediterranean. It has many not common natural habitats to the rest of Catalonia: large lakes of salt or freshwater, kilometres of beaches with sand dunes and salt wastelands, places where underground fresh water comes to the surface, shallow bays, riverbank woods and fluvial islands that, together with the ecosystems created by man - rice fields and salt pans - constitute a unique landscape of great natural value. This diversity of ecosystems and flora and fauna has led to the protection of a large part of the Delta and in 1983 it was declared a "natural park". It is in fact an ornithological paradise where you can see more than 300 species of birds. 

If you are a Delta lover, you can not miss: 

- A visit the Ecomuseum of the Delta del Ebro Natural Park.
- Observe a fantastic sunrise from “La Bassa de les Olles” Lagoon viewpoint.
- Visit a desert in the middle of the sea "La Punta del Fangar" beach. As for La Marquesa beach (Nudist beach), it is a singular environment of fine sand dunes.
- Cruise along the Ebro river in one of the many touristic cruises you can find in the Deltebre river promenade.
- Taste the gastronomy in one of the restaurants of Deltebre. Get to know the local cuisine and some of its most characteristic dishes.
- Don't forget one of the best itineraries in Riumar, the Garxal river promenade.

10. Interesting day trips

The short distances with other places of interest like the wonderful cities of Tarragona, Salou, Cambrils, Torredembarra or Hospitalet de L'Infant make Miami Playa an excellent starting point and destination for a fantastic holiday on the Costa Dorada.

Get a closer look at the essence of Catalonia and visit the Route of the Geniuses (Picasso, Gaudí, Miró,...) or the Cistercian Route. Of course if you have children with you, it may be difficult to avoid a day out to Europe’s biggest theme park - PortAventura WORLD, which is in Salou, located 25 km away. Must do: a day trip to Barcelona! Take the train from Hospitalet de L'Infant and get off at the Paseo de Gracia in the city centre of Barcelona.

If you want to spend your family holiday in Miami Playa or any other neighbouring destination, we can suggest a few Holiday Rentals in Miami Playa. Enjoy a stress-free holiday with our FREE cancellation policy and 24/7 support.


Have Fun!